Veroni Brands Corp.


About Us

Experience the Power of Importing

Veroni Brands was created to search out unique, remarkable and desirable premium products across Europe and make them accessible to discerning consumers in the U.S.

Veroni Brands strives to import the extraordinary and delight their consumer with experiences that had previously only been attainable in Europe.

We take pride in the products we import and are proud to share them with our consumers.




Your body's first line of defense starts with oxygen

pH balanced, all natural, and full of life-giving oxygen molecules, the potential ASO® provides for supplementation has led to a dedicated following of athletes, health professionals and wellness seekers.

Professional painting and construction tapes

AXIS is a unique painters tape that utilizes the most Advanced Technology and State-of-the Art manufacturing facility. This new technology uses ultra-flat strong rice paper (washi) with watertight characteristics which allows AXIS to be used for all Interior and Exterior applications.